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Power Distribution Systems

The power distribution system can be understood better when thinking about it as the vascular system of your vehicle. The fuses and circuit breakers, diodes and grounding points relate to the arteries, valves and veins of the vehicle system. Any malfunction of this system can cause strange and significant issues with all other systems of the vehicle.

You wouldn't ignore a potential circulation problem and you definately shouldn't allow neglect of your vehicle's power distribution system to cause an unexpected flat line in your car!

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Rebuilt Alternators & Starters

Charging & Starting Systems

Here lies the heart, lungs and blood of your car!

The battery is responsible for storing and providing the electricity needed to engage the starter and turn the engine over until the internal combustion can take over the task. Once the engine is turning over under the power of internal combustion, the alternator can start the tireless job of transferring rotational energy into AC electricity and then converting it to DC electricity to power all the electronics on the vehicle. The alternator, when working correctly, will provide all the electricity needed to operate the vehicle as well as restore the reserves to the battery used during start and idle times.

Vehicles today are extremely voltage sensitive which makes any issue with a failing battery, a starter using more energy than designed to or an alternator unable to keep up with the demands of the vehicle catastrophic to the reliability of your car.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems

No analogy needed here!! These systems are not only helpful and convienent, most of them are required by LAW.

Safety is, of course, the best reason to have all your lights properly functioning. A great second reason is the total cost of not having them functioning correctly.

The cost of a citation for malfunctioning or inoperative exterior lighting can easily increase the final cost of repair by 75% or more. Once cited, you are required to remedy the situation or face further legal issues. This isn't even taking into account the inconvenience of being pulled over (because it seems to always happen at a terrible time) and the time required to contest the citation in court if required....

Since we offer FREE ESTIMATES and many lighting issues end up being fairly reasonable, why not schedule a time for us to estimate your electrical repairs?

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Power Window & Lock Switch

Power Windows & Locks

These are best summed up as electro-mechanical systems designed and installed into the vehicle doors much like a sailboat in a bottle!

But, for those adventurous (and patient) at heart, a quick lesson in diagnostics...

1. Window falls down into door or can be moved up and down in door by hand - Window Regulator is your culprit about 95% of the time. (Careful to not miss the diagnosis by failing to notice tabs on the window glass being broken!)

2. Window won't go up or down from switch - If interior lights dim while pressing switch in up & down directions, great chance you have a failed motor. Careful again, could be a cable regualtor that has the motor bound up! If interior lights don't dim, you are looking at either the sneaky failed window motor or possibly a bad switch. Guessing here can end up costing more money and pride... Make sure you have confirmation or, better yet, let Auto Electric Speciliasts do the technical part for you.

Computer Systems

Almost all vehicles manufactured after 1990 have multiple computer systems to manage the engine, transmission and interior/exterior component operations.

These systems require a techinal problem solving thought process with cutting edge equipment and diagnostic techniques.

Auto Electric Specialists possess all these traits and have the experience to tackle your most complicated electrical systems.

Computer Board Repair
More Auto Electric Repairs to Come

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